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WebLearning is a world-class, web-based virtual learning environment (VLE) that allows your university to deliver innovative eLearning — online courses that teach a particular subject; courses that are part of a degree or postgraduate program. WebLearning offers a truly student-centered approach to education and can be used with remote or on-campus students.

Your WebLearning course materials can be:

  • rapidly distributed to students at substantially lower costs than print versions
  • accessed by students anywhere in the world from any internet-connected computer and at any time
  • customizable to take full advantage of each individual lecturer's pedagogical style as well as students' personal learning needs
  • kept updated easily so students always have access to the latest version
  • design-rich (ie, as stimulating and learner friendly as web interactions allow and include click-through internet references)
  • written or revised collaboratively online by staff members and/or moderated/validated for accreditation purposes
  • used with global learning and research communities

We note that eLearning is following the same trajectory as other innovations that first begin with experimenters and pioneers, then expand to a group of early adopters before becoming commonplace and taken for granted. Universities, as experimenters and early adopters of new technologies, are key players in the eLearning revolution.

On and off university campuses, eLearning is now a viable and equitable option as staff and students have access to computers—investments that students, universities, and most educational organisations have been making and are continuing to make.

WebLearning, as a browser-based, open standards LMS/VLE with sophisticated digital rights management, sits at the cutting-edge of eLearning platforms today. The goal of our ongoing research and development is to ensure that you enjoy the advances we make for the benefit of your work and students, as we stride to become the world's market leader.

The Redlaunch team is committed to ongoing improvement and we look forward to an exciting future as we push eLearning capability to a new level.

We welcome your input. Please email comments to development@weblearning.com.au Thank you!