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Corporate learning

WebLearning, a powerful Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides your company with advanced enterprise learning capabilities essential to human capital management across your workplace.

Training is not just about new labour market entrants but upskilling your current staff too. Are you facing business-critical requirements for enterprise learning such as: compliance, certification, initiative or product readiness, expansion...?

WebLearning helps you address these needs to improve your company-wide alignment and productivity, while minimizing costs and roll-out time associated with face-to-face learning.

The benefits reaped from creating an enterprise-wide eLearning strategy using WebLearning are many.

It offers convenience because people don't need to travel or block out several days for a class

At the end of the day, it's work... as much as you'd love to go off and do a course you just can't squeeze them all in - Enterprise Trainer (Australian Flexible Learning Framework Report, Dec 2004)

It is efficient because a course can be completed when required, in less time

Lack of time is a common issue... time to release people for training (Australian Flexible Learning Framework Report, Dec 2004)

It works on any platform and optimum performance for simultaneous users is maintained even on slow internet connections (dial-up in the bush!)

Enterprises with staff working in scattered, distant, and remote locations have particular difficulty providing induction sessions for staff (Australian Flexible Learning Framework Report, Dec 2004)

Each unit of your company can self-manage its own training 'site' in your WebLearning VLE

Drivers within enterprises are often different... they are interested in bottom-line business outcomes. Their focus and interest depends on the type of business and the nature of the industry. (Australian Flexible Learning Framework Report, Dec 2004)

It is an intuitive interface allowing quick and easy authoring and distribution of materials. No special IT skills are required by users

The research found... Differences in technical capabilities exist (Australian Flexible Learning Framework Report, Dec 2004)

WebLearning enables you to:

  • align your training to business goals and support cultural change
  • focus on particular L&D needs as identified (eg for sales and customer operations)
  • reach out to learners at all levels and sites in your company
  • assign the right learning to the right person based on his or her role in your company, work location, or other relevant attributes
  • integrate internally-created and third-party content
  • allow each location to incorporate site-specific policies and information without losing the integrity of company-wide training initiatives
  • speed time-to-competence and reduce training costs
  • implement competency management
  • deliver, evaluate and review your L&D program
  • extend your investment very easily throughout your company

WebLearning supports Product Releases: Time-to-market

When your company has a national or global presence and product-launch information needs to reach thousands of sales, support and management professionals who are decentralized, instructor-led training just can't provide the speed necessary to maximize return on investment.

Your new product may hit the market, but if your people are not across the details, that is opportunity lost. Product development cycle times are diminishing and often sales teams experience pressure to keep up with the latest company information. Distributing your materials via Weblearning will provide secure, immediate visibility to your dispersed team and enhance your customer care standards.