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SME Just-in-time training

WebLearning provides the technology infrastructure from which employees may quickly tap into your learning manuals and needs assessments and become more responsible for amassing their own portfolio of skills. They can access training materials when needed.

Cost savings accrue when you replace instructor-led training with blended (trainer/internet mix) or eLearning (internet) delivery, particularly if your employees are being trained off-site. In a small business, lost productivity and revenue can actually be higher if you consider that classroom days include not only travel time, but also total time away from work.

Weblearning gives you skilling options! It enables your training program to be accessed by employees during convenient periods like down times. This flexibility allows employees to attend to business and then learn when they have the time to concentrate. The company benefits as the employees keep work on schedule, and employees benefit by being able to progress with valuable coursework at a pace to suit.

Using WebLearning, you can also include all members of your supply chain in the learning process, from staff to vendors to customers to support your knowledge flow for sales and customer satisfaction.