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Government Departments are large and workers are often geographically dispersed. WebLearning can be used by your Department's entire workforce to close business-critical knowledge gaps and meet training priorities for all, from inductees to senior executives.

Using WebLearning, you can develop and implement strategic organisational and L&D initiatives online to help you build talent and organisational competence.

It gives you the flexibility you need to change learning content and distribution channels as often as required.

You receive a secure, scalable, configurable and hosted technology platform making learning accessible to your people at their desks.

With our flexible learning environment, you can replace or complement a raft of traditional training strategies like emails, meetings, CD-ROMs packaged with course information and classroom training.

Training Scenarios with WebLearning include:

  • Your HR team can define skill profiles for different areas and using WebLearning, individual skills may be assessed against them to identify skill gaps and to personalize training plans for each worker.

  • You can provide just-in-time performance support, with access to a database of questions, answers and sample scenarios to address new products and services or common concerns such as bullying, conflict resolution, workplace cultural issues.

  • Employees who need to update knowledge/operational skills (like OHS) all at one time don't have to be dragged, group by group, into packed rooms. Courses can be created once, then distributed simultaneously to thousands of workers at their desktops. Assessments to demonstrate competency may be submitted by each worker when ready.

  • More seasoned managers can coach new managers, wherever located.

  • Work teams can collaborate on problem-solving exercises and workplace scenarios in real-time.

  • Prior to interaction at workshops, colleagues from a particular unit or management grouping can undertake prior learning through WebLearning to save time. Employees can follow up after face-to-face sessions by accessing further training materials online when needed.

To enhance the learning experience a range of collaborative tools may be employed to encourage group interaction, for instance, discussion forums, instant messaging. Your people can take advantage of the opportunity to ask for advice from colleagues and to share common challenges.

WebLearning will quickly become a crucial tool in your Department's overall training strategy. We guarentee that!