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Your Association may serve a professional, hobby or community membership.

WebLearning can help you if you answer yes to one of the following...

Is your Association responsible for:

  • the education and training standards and processes for qualification;
  • an accreditation process;
  • maintenance of standards through a continuing professional development program;
  • learning events such as seminars, podcasts etc?

To enhance stakeholder confidence and participant competence, WebLearning enables you to manage your learning process without fuss and great expense.

WebLearning will value-add to your educational process:

Content Consistency and Integrity
Instructor-led training does not always guarantee that the same information or quality of instruction is provided to all students. Class dynamics can often provide different outcomes. Trainer and students engage in the class with differing levels of competency about the topic. The scalability of WebLearning allows one course to train thousands of students, as opposed to the ratio of 1 to 15 in the more traditional classroom scenario. Both consistency of information and content integrity can be maintained efficiently using WebLearning.

Time Savings for Learners
Depending on the complexity of the topic and the individual skill level, some people will learn faster or slower than others. WebLearning allows your members to learn at their own pace. The slower student can review course material as often as necessary, redoing exercises or simulations until the information converts to knowledge.

Retraining or Up-skilling
Skilled professionals know their value to an organization, but they also know that they are responsible for their own growth. Those employees have a position of strength when negotiating with their current or prospective employer. When talent is scarce, companies are forced to compete for the best people. An up-to-date skillset is an advantage in a competitive employment marketplace. With WebLearning, you can support your members to maintain their certification, accreditation or knowledge performance.